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The first verse depicts how the writer is left behind. The "Boys of Summer" could refer to the boys his ex is now seeing, and how they are just summer flings, while he is in it for the long haul. Said the Eagles frontman: It becomes a much quieter place when the weather gets cold. The title comes from a baseball book by Roger Kahn called Boys of Summer. The book is about The Brooklyn Dodgers, who broke the hearts of their fans when they moved to Los Angeles.

The music was written by Mike Campbell, who worked with Tom Petty as a guitarist and producer for many years. Campbell also played guitar on this and produced it. Mike Campbell told us about recording this song: I was playing around with that and came up with a rhythm. He gave me his number and I called him up and played it for him and he called me the next day and said he put it on in his car and had written these words and wanted to record it. Basically, he wanted to recreate the demo as close as we could.

We ended up changing the key for the voice. We actually cut it in one key, did the whole record with overdubs and everything, and then he decided to change the key like a half step up or something, we had to do the whole record again, but it turned out pretty good.

Ayeroff flew Mondino to California and had him meet with Henley, who was baffled by the pitch but decided to go with it and let Mondino do his thing. When Henley accepted the award for Best Video at the VMAs, he admitted to having no idea what was going on when they shot the clip, but said that Mondino and his crew made "Southern California look like the South of France.

The Ataris did a cover of this in I listened to it closely and noticed that they had done a lot of the guitar parts and they had changed a little bit but not a whole lot. I like the way the guy sang it, they changed one lyric and I thought that was cool. I heard it on the radio three times in one day and I got kind of excited about it. ESPN used the song in various promos for the event. With the Eagles, he was tucked away behind a drum kit, and rarely on TV.

Once "The Boys of Summer" got in hot rotation, Henley found himself suddenly recognizable, which often made him uncomfortable.

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