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Can I earn money by referring other webmasters? The Two-Tier Program allows you to refer other webmasters to our affiliate program. Please select Pay Per Sale Program when joining us and get your own referral link. Your referral fee is based on how many affiliates you have referred. Does it cost anything to become an affiliate? Anyone can apply to become a Qpid Network Affiliate for free.

If you do not own a website, you can opt for our Co-Brand program. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information. What types of banners and links are available? Once accepted by QpidAffiliate, you will have access to a wide variety of interactive original advertising tools that you can use to promote our site s.

Whether you decide to use a banner ad, text link or HTML search function, you will be able to target different categories of users as desired. Links and images are regularly updated to ensure that only the top performing pieces are available. What is your policy on adult content? The QpidAffiliate program does not allow sites with adult content and reserves the right to review member sites for compliance with our policies.

If your site is deemed offensive or breaches our policy, we reserve the right to reject an application or terminate an affiliate agreement immediately. Please refer to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for additional information on our adult content policy. What is an offer? DOI is short for Double Opt-in. Valid leads generated from DOI offers require registrants to verify that the email addresses they use for registration are their own. This is usually done by clicking the activation link in a confirmation email sent to these email addresses.

SOI is short for Single Opt-in. Valid leads generated from SOI offers require registrants to complete their profiles, either during registration or through account setting after registration. How can I contact the QpidAffiliate team? Go to the Contact Us page and leave a message. We will get back to you within two working days. Sign in via the QpidAffiliate page, then click on "Offers Links" at the top of the page.

Go to "Banners" under the offer you wish to promote, then click on "Get Code" beside the banner you wish to add to your website and copy the code to your website. Can I put up your promotional materials on multiple sites? Yes, we encourage affiliates to promote our links on as many sites as they like!

The more promotional materials you display the more money you make! How does Qpid Network track visitors from my site? When you sign up as an affiliate we will give you a unique affiliate ID, identical to the number at the end of the tracking URL you use to link to our site. We use this ID to identify where a referral has come from in order to credit that account ID accordingly. If you forget to include your ID in a referral URL, we will not be able to accurately credit your account and thus you will not be paid for that portion of your traffic.

What is a lead? What is a valid member? QpidAffiliate only pays commissions for valid members, which is regarded as a lead to be paid. To be a valid member, your referral must satisfy all of the following conditions as default: QpidAffiliate may provide more offers containing different conditions for special purposes.

What is a valid first order? A first order refers to each first purchase on a Qpid Network site by one of your acquired members. Creditback is defined as credit refunded to customers after canceling their membership and chargeback is a refund of payment for customers after their credit card has already been processed.

What is an action? What is a paid member? An action, the conversion goal of the Pay Per Action Program, is verified upon placement of a valid order by any member who becomes a paid member thereupon. How often is my reports page updated? We update your reports page daily. Please note the statistics are not in real time and will not reflect new members and orders immediately.

I would like to change my commission scheme choice. If you are willing to join both, you have to create one more account. How do I permanently terminate my affiliate account?

If you wish to terminate your affiliate account, please contact us quoting your affiliate ID number, name and company name. Can I create another account through my referral link? You can not refer yourself with the two-tier program to earn yourself more commissions. Should such behaviour be found, the corresponding part of commissions will be deducted. We reserve the right to terminate cooperation for malicious act.

I have a lead to be shown accepted but my unpaid balance does not show any commission yet. Traffic and conversions you bring to us will be displayed in reports soon, while the calculation of commission is not real time.

The commission report is created on the 16th of the consequent month, only at that time your commission is confirmed as final. Before that, you may find an estimated commission in the monthly report area.

However, in light of check processing fees, we suggest you use PayPal as your primary payment method. When will I get paid? Payments are calculated monthly starting from the 1st of each month. Before the 8th of the following month, your commission will be calculated and displayed in your Qpid Affiliate account accordingly.

Please also notice that: Payments will be sent out between the 8th and the 15th of each month. So if you send a payment request before the 7th of the month, you can receive the payment in that month. Otherwise, the payment will be sent in the following month. Also, shorter payment terms could be applied to affiliates with proved good traffic. How much money do I have to earn before I am eligible to receive a commission? What should I do? If you have not received one of your commissions, please contact us.

If I have more than one affiliate account, how to request a combination of the commissions? If both of these accounts are with the same personal details and payment info, you can require us by contacting your affiliate manager.

You will receive consolidated payments for each of your payable affiliate accounts. Spam Policy What forms of promotion can I use? The majority of Qpid Network Affiliates promote our sites by placing our promotional material on their websites.

To permit accurate tracking, reporting, and referral fee accrual, we provide you with a special HTML code to be used in all links between your site and ours. You must ensure that these HTML codes are used properly for each of these links. Links to our site placed on your site pursuant to this Agreement, and which properly utilize such special link formats, are referred to as "Special Links.

We are not liable for any failure to use Special Links, including to the extent that such failure may result in any reduction of amounts which would otherwise be paid to you pursuant to this Agreement. The functioning of Special Links is based on "cookies".

QpidAffiliate does not condone cheating or spamming of any nature. Any accounts suspected of cheating or reported for spamming will be immediately banned and all payment will be voided. Extreme steps must be taken to protect our company and legitimate affiliates. Typical reasons that may lead to the termination of your affiliate account include: No, any attempt to deliver any email promotion over the Internet is not allowed, and any attempt to deliver unsolicited bulk mails over the Internet is considered spam.

Almost all spam is commercial advertising. Potential target lists are created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the web for addresses.

Such information is gathered with automated searches which retrieve email addresses for spamming. Absolutely no spam is permitted by affiliates on any search engines, news groups or mailing lists. Spamming will be the cause for legal action. No bulk mail, mass mail or unsolicited mail is permitted. In this way, you can not only earn commission from every registration and order, but also receive quality back link traffic from Qpid Network. Does it cost anything to join the Dating Channel program?

It is totally free to apply for the Dating Channel program. What is Channel URL? You need to fill out the Channel URL to let us know where you set up the direct links see 5. But in case, your setting is not your home page, you need to tell us where it is exactly.

If you are looking for a list of ALL adult affiliate programs offering payment by PayPal, this ainít it. We would suggest you visit one of those other adult program review sites that do not seem to much care if they refer you to a bad program or not. Sites: 30 Affiliate Programs Flagships: Flirt, Be Naughty, Fuck Swipe. Programs: $1 Ė $ PPS. A pretty big adult affiliate network currently housing 30 different .

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