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Are there any unemployment lawyers in metropolis illinois I was denied unemployment this past Monday and the letter stated I failed to prove I involuntarily quit. He did not consider any of the documentation supporting my claim that I sent him. I was laid off due to lack of work. My employer gave me a package containing the choice to receive a lump sum equivalent to 8 weeks of pay if I gave up my rights to sue and so on. I did not lo I was laid off a while ago, I am now looking to cash out the K and this can be done only if I request to be taken off the lay off list request for termination.

If I go ahead with the request, wil The new owner has yet to talk to us about employment all he could say for now is everything will stay the same for now. Can I draw unemployment if I am offered less money and will have to tr lost job with current employer because sold practice now new employer cant answer any of our question on benefits- salary. I was recently let go from my job after putting in my two weeks notice. Is this grounds for unemployment benefits?

They let me go that same day. Is it impossible to file for unemployment as to the Left former employer, thought the non compete was void due to old employer shook hands, wished me well, and knew I was going to work for small competitor. I have to call back and explain wheat happened in detail. What should I do? What am I to do?? I need pay them unemployment? I am work for my own, a contractors give me jobs and i hire somepeople , but sometime the job is not enough , the look for another jobs or they quit, i want to know if by law , they can complain and a The place where i work in Arizona is closing in september and i will be unemployed.

I plan on moving from Arizona to Wisconsin. Can I still claim unemployment benefits in arizona if I move. If an employee left our company 2 years ago can they still file for unemployment from us?

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